About Us


We understand that time waits for no one and neither does the technology that comes with it. So we’ve developed a solution for professionals in the field for all lines of work. Originally designed for law enforcement officers working the road alone, our service digitizes department forms and makes them available to be filled out on the go.

All forms we process are retained on secure encrypted servers. However, user input to fill a form out is immediately cleared once a finalized printable form is generated. Our service is designed this way to protect sensitive personal identifying information and to appease CJIS security protocols.

So what’s so special about our service? It’s 100% MOBILE. Front Line Solutions can function and print from any computer or mobile device via Wifi/Bluetooth/USB onto any printer including mobile printers. Thanks to this game-changing feature, officers alone on the road can fill out forms on-scene without leaving suspects alone to destroy evidence or to intimidate victims just to find a form that may or may not be in the trunk of their cruiser.

We offer our service with a free 2 week trial on a limited demo account so you can learn how our system works. Contact us for further details. From daily logs and FTO paperwork to crash reports and affidavits, Front Line Solutions LLC has you covered.

At Front Line Solutions, our mission is to innovate field and office based forms by offering a secure web-based mobile fillable form service.

We are a veteran-owned business created by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers. Our #1 priority for our customers is safety. Our goal is reducing officer downtime by utilizing mobile support to complete necessary forms on-scene without compromising officer safety.


"Front Line Solutions has allowed our officers to access virtually any form electronically when on the road. The system's ability to send and receive documents is an asset that provides a time saving ability and allows for easy to read and return statements."

                                           -Sgt. McConnell / Fayette Police Department

"Our agency has been using Front Line Solutions program for a few months. With an agency which shares cruisers having access to all of our forms in a simple and intuitive digital format is a huge help. Both in the cruiser and in the office. There is no more concern with someone using the last form or editing a word document and changing the entire format or the form. Everything is stored and ready to go on any web capable device."

                               -Chief Schick / New Washington Police Department

"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Front Line Solutions. Our department has utilized Front Line Solutions services for two years with outstanding results."

                                        -Chief Broshious / Bradner Police Department

"The software has been working great for us."

     -Capt. Gordon / Plymouth Police Department


Benjamin Saddoris