What is so beneficial about this software?

Front Line Solutions software is a powerful tool that can give officers the advantage of having their department forms ready at a moments notice without relying on hard copies. By using the versatility of this software, it can streamline service calls and keep officers in service longer which can reduce long service call times and overtime hours.

Why couldn’t I just use local Word documents or fillable PDF’s on my officer’s equipment?

While that is a reasonable and effective answer, it still leaves room for officer error. Front Line Solutions software asks an officer the exact questions they would answer on a different platform. However, an officer wouldn’t be able to accidentally change or delete the document and they would also be able to preview their document before finalizing it.

I don’t have a mobile printer. Can I still use this software effectively?

Yes! through testing with multiple departments, this software has been implemented ways to make police departments run completely paperless! An example would be officers utilizing the e-Signature feature which would allow them to download their document and upload it directly to their record management system instead of driving a hard copy all the way back to the station just to scan it in.

Is this really secure?

Absolutely! This form software does not retain any information. If the officer refreshes the page, loses internet connection, or generates a final document, the information entered into the form is gone forever. Think of it as a virtual typewriter.