Eliminating Paperwork to Keep Your Officers Happy and Your Costs Down.

Paperwork keeping your officers out of service? See how we can help.

Front Line Solutions leverages technology for law enforcement agencies to effectively and efficiently serve their communities.

Time waits for nobody and neither does the technology that comes with it. Law enforcement is a severely underserved profession and agencies of all sizes suffer from lack of software innovation. As budgets are reduced and costs are increased, police officers are limited by what technology they have at their disposal.

Front Line Solutions offers affordable form and policy solution software to streamline service calls and assist officers working the road alone.

This software focuses on simplification, integration, and utility. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your officers in service longer.

Saves time on traffic stops and service calls

Reduce human-error by providing the tools officers need to ALWAYS have department forms available at their fingertips

Provides departments with the ability to go paperless and clear the clutter

An affordable solution for police departments of all sizes ranging from villages to cities


Front Line Solutions is a proud partner of the Ohio Small Police Department Association.

Advantages We Offer

Fill your forms from any device

This platform can generate clean and professional docuements at a moments notice. Officers can access their forms in less than 3 clicks. All forms are based off of orginal department documents. Not generic forms provided by RMS software companies.

Utilize any printer

With the versatility of this software, officers can utilize any printer their device interfaces with. Print freely and conveniently from your office or from your mobile printer.

Forms hosted on a secure web portal

Access all of your forms on a simple and easy to use platform with bank-grade security. Front Line Solutions uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting its data centers which are ISO 27001, SAS70, PCI certified, HIPAA compliant and comply with US federal government customer requirements by being FISMA and FIPs certified.

No data retention 

Front Line Solutions is designed to produce documents without retaining any personal identifying information. This is to address CJIS-related issues and preventing important information from falling into the wrong hands.


eSign your forms to help cut down on paper usage and avoid scanning documents. This gives officers the ability to export their forms directly to their RMS without taking any unnecessary steps.

Send forms to citizens before you arrive on scene

Send time-sensitive and password-protected forms to citizens before you even arrive on-scene. This can include examples like vacation house checks,  vehicle unlock releases, Voluntary statements and more.